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Stringing Fiberglass Bows



This method of stringing a bow works fine for fiberglass bows but is not to be used for stringing wood laminated limb bows.  If you wish to string a wood laminated limb bow please go here.  

1) Before beginning make sure your bow has the top string loop (larger loop) over the top limb and the bottom string loop (smaller loop) attached to the bottom limb tip in the grooves as shown in Figure #1.

2) With your left leg step through the space between the bowstring and the bow.  Hook the bottom limb tip over the top of your right foot near the ankle.  Place the grip section of the bow behind your knee or a bit higher on the back of your thigh. Figure #2.

3) With your left hand placed securely on the top limb as close to the tip as possible but under the string loop, press firmly with your left hand and flex the bow around the back of your leg until there is enough slack in the bowstring to slide it up the limb and secure the loop to the notches on the top limb tip. 
Figure #3.

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