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Home  -->  Scoring a 300 Round Archery Target

Scoring a 300 Round Archery Target


The scoring system described here pertains to the blue targets included in our "Beginner, Camp and School" packages.

Scoring rules:

An "end" is a group of arrows shot before retrieving them and scoring.

This type of round is based on a 4 arrow "end"

Each "end" has a possible score of 20 if all shots were in the white bullseye.

Each game consists of 5 ends or a total of 20 arrows and a possible 100 points.

Each series consists of 3 games, a total of 60 arrows with a possible 300 points.

The rings are scored according to Figure #1.

The arrow shaft needs only touch the white ring that separates the scoring rings.  

The arrows are scored from the highest scoring arrow to the lowest scoring arrow.

In the example in Figure #2 The archery has hit the scoring area 4 times with each of thier 4 shots and has scored the hits shown in the sample score sheet below.

The ring inside the white bullseye with an"X" in the middle is referred to as the "X-ring" and is used as a tie breaker in the event that after scoring an entire series the points total of competing archers are tied.  The archer with the most "X's" would then be declared the winner.


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