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Takedown Bow Assembly

Below are instructions for the assembly of our takedown bows.  The bow used in our demonstration is a deluxe package bow however these instructions apply to any takedown bow we sell.

Your takedown bow bow comes in a single box while any of the packages come packaged in two boxes.  One box for the bow and the other for the components and accessoriesFigure #1.
Before assembling make sure the bow has a handle, two limbs, 2 limb bolts w/washers and a bowstring.Figure #2.
Taking one limb at a time, attach the limbs to the handle using the limb bolts.  No tools are necessary for assembling the bow.  Hand tighten the bolts so that the limb is held snug to the handle.Figures #3&4.
There is a top and bottom limb so check to make sure that while holding the bow in the  shooting position, the bows specifications are facing you on the inside of the bottom limb.
With the bow limbs installed you are now ready to install the string.  The bowstring has a loop on each end.  One of the loops is bigger than the other.  Figure #5.
Thread the top limb tip thru the large loop in the string and hook the smaller loop end to the grooves on the bottom limb tip as shown in Figures #6&7.
The bow is now ready to be strung using a bowstringer.

Click here to go to Using A Bow Stringer

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